About us


Aquatic Specialties has been a family owned business for over 20 years! The “Equalizer” was created by Terry Steponaitis, and the business is now operated by his son Kevin Steponaitis. They have perfected this product, giving you the ONLY one-handed, band powered, trigger operated lobster snare available on the market!

“The equalizer snare is fantastic and has paid for itself many times over. It allows for one handed operaion which is great in a heavy current. As for lobsters in a hole i put the tip in and open the loop once inside. As for the bag hey it’s a mesh bag …. minimum drag … and fits anything you catch… 99% off the divers i see on boats use it… works for me … as with everything practice makes you better…”

Tyler F.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I have an equalizer and love it. I snap them with the equalizer and grab them with my other hand once they are in reach. Works like a charm

Dennis S.

Sebastian, FL