Equalizer Lobster Snare Operating Instructions

To Arm:

  1. Push down on the Trigger and hold.
  2. Push the Push Rod all the way in.
  3. Release Trigger
WARNING - To avoid bodily injury, remain clear of push rod when the unit is armed.

To Catch Lobster

  • Come from behind the lobster and place the Snare Loop where the carapace meets the tail. The placement of the Snare is critical to assure a successful catch and avoid injuring the Lobster and/or eggs, if present.

To Release Lobster

  1. Hold trigger down.
  2. Push in on the Push Rod, thus releasing the tension on the Lobster.

Care of your Equalizer Lobster Snare

  • Simply rinse with fresh water after use.
  • The application of GE Silicone Grease or equivalent to the front of the power band through the access hole will improve performance and prolong the life of the Band.
  • The hole in the upper housing exposes a small screw head which occasionally needs to be backed off and sprayed with WD40.

Helpful Hints

  • In cases where the Lobster is in a tight location, keep the Snare Loop closed while slipping the Equalizer to the side and behind the tail - then open the snare loop and slip it over the tail.
  • If the Power Band should break on a dive, operate it manually - just pull on the knob which closes the snare loop.
  • If the Snare Loop is not placed perfectly on the tail and you feel you could lose your prize, pull on the knob to advance the lock thus tightening the loop around the Lobster.
  • When catching really Big Bugs, after pushing the trigger, pull on the knob to tighten the Snare Loop and bring the Equalizer toward you and grab the Lobster! Try to eliminate flexing of the barrel as much as possible.
Equalizer Lobster Snare
Equalizer Lobster Snare
Equalizer Lobster Snare